Skype Lessons

Although we try to provide sufficient learning material so that you can learn on your own, without a teacher, it is definitely a big help to have a teacher. Direct interaction with someone gives you the chance to really use what you're learning by using the material.

There are many native Russian speakers who are happy to help people learning Russian in exchange for help learning English, so you may wish to consider that option. The drawback is that they're not trained teachers and more importantly don't have a clear strategy for how to help you learn Russian in the fastest way possible.

Our teachers have experience with our learning methods and material, and can thus maximize your learning efforts via Skype lessons. Typically, lessons are 1 hour in length and can be arranged for whatever day and time is convenient for you. The standard package is 20 lessons (20 hours) for $350, which can be paid via PayPal.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please email me, Brian. ( )