About Us

My name is Brian. I'm from Canada and lived many years in Indonesia. I'm an engineer by training and a 'problem solver' by nature. After learning Indonesian well enough to be mistaken for a native when talking on the phone, and seeing how poorly others were being taught 'unnatural' Indonesian, I decided to create a program to help people learn Indonesian.

It basically consisted of "what I wish I had had when I was learning Indonesian", along with my general ideas on how learning can be accomplished more effectively. The results were in short, amazing. People were able to learn the language very quickly by simply following the program.

When I decided to learn Russian, I quickly realized that I needed (wanted) a similar program for learning Russian, and did NOT want to follow the traditional approach. I searched the web looking for such a program but didn't find anything I really liked. So, I began making my own.

Well, Russian is a much more difficult language, so there is a lot more that needs to be included to create an effective program, but the basic concepts are the same. Our program for learning Russian has been growing and evolving over several years and is only now really becoming complete.

Our success now is largely due to Yulia, who has proven far superior to anyone else in answering my endless questions. Her examples are clear and succinct without resorting to any detailed or traditional grammar explanations.

Her goal now is for me to learn Russian. :) My goal is still to provide a path for others to follow and learn Russian as effectively, efficiently and enjoyably as possible.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please email me, Brian. ( gmaebc@gmail.com )