The learning process continues..

There's nothing really magical about the whole learning process. It's simply a matter of learning one thing after another, till you've learned everything. At an 'advanced' level your main need is generally more vocabulary and practice with an array of material that challenges your listening and speaking abilities.

Understanding the grammar at this point shouldn't be a problem, and hopefully you're now using correct grammar yourself when speaking and writing.

There is really a huge volume of material available for advanced learners, but as with the intermediate material, it's not 'laid out' for you to continue learning 'step-by-step'. That's what we're in the process of doing.

Here's a sample of a radio program. The text isn't an exact match, but it's very close, and advanced learners will be able to note for themselves any words or expressions that are new to them.

Говорим по русски!

Other Sample Material