наречие, относительное
сейчас now
всегда always
навсегда forever
вполне quite, fully, entirely, completely, perfectly; altogether
полностью thoroughly, completely, entirely, fully
вероятно probably, very likely, apparently, presumably
нечаянно by accident, accidentally, inadvertently
чуть hardly (едва) ; slightly, (just) a little (немного) ; just (с трудом) ; somewhat И не страшно, и не страшно мне ни чуть.
ничуть not at all, not a bit, not in the least
ниже lower; below, beneath, under
пешком on foot
быстро quickly, fast
страшно it is frightful, it is terrifying
страшней, страшнее
твёрдо firmly, firm
тупо dully, stupidly
тихо quiet, silent
тише a bit quiet(er)
громко loud(ly); aloud
аккуратно careful(ly), cautious(ly); tidy, organized
прилично decently, properly
Лада, веди себя прилично!  (Lada, behave yourself!)   (from verb 'вести')
довольно rather, sufficiently
достаточно it is enough 3. sufficiently (перед прил. и после гл.||before adj. and after verbs) ; enough (после прил. и гл.||after adj. and verbs)
дорого expensive
дешево cheap, cheaply
строго rigorously, strictly, strongly
однозначно explicitly, identically, unambiguously, uniquely
действительно  really, actually, truly, indeed, in fact
примерно  approximately, roughly, about
смешно funny
грустно sadly, sorrowfully ; it is sad
слышно heard
нежно fondly, gently
спокойно calmly, easy, evenly, gently, quietly, coolly, in cold blood
поздно late
дешевле cheaper
дороже more expensive
свободно freely; easily (с легкостью) ; with ease (непринужденно) 2) loose, loosely (просторно, широко - о платье||of a dress)
невероятно it is incredible, it is inconceivable, it is beyond belief
чудесно wonderful, miraculous 2) lovely, beautiful, marvellous
гораздо much, far; by far ; considerably